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Our Story

Some of us are just unable to tend towards gardening due to hustling work issues and wonder gardening requires you to do many task. for instance watering plant on daily basis, what quality of soil is good for your plant and etc.


we questioned ourselves! are there any possible devices determining the problems your houseplant is facing?


The answer was yes there are devices and toolkits to undermine those issues. but another factor here is you have to buy separate devices for various problem. The technological advancement led people in an era of increasing productivity with less effort. so if you can't even have an advantage on those what's the point buying devices and waste your hard earned money. However we came up with a possible solution to solve all your issues where planting becomes easier to take care of.


Gardeners don't have to buy separate toolkits or devices. our technology gives you the advantage you never came across an all in one solution Soileafy™.

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